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Wyvern's Cove

Fera enjoys multiple crafts, including digital and traditional art, crochet, sewing, cross stitch, and many more!

Who are you?

I have been immersed in arts and crafts from a young age! I feel like it's a shame that it took me so long to pick up some of them that I've neglected again, if I'm honest. Growing up in Virginia, I've been exposed to everything from beaches to mountaintops, and I've always delighted in the natural world as well as the fantastical one that might, just might, lay beyond it! I'm driven to create admittedly mostly for my own personal satisfaction- it feels good to do! By the same token, it feels very good to see the things I make go to others who will truly enjoy them. Knowing that something I've made has improved someone's life experience, even briefly, is where this little fae being gets all her glamour!

Art-wise I play around with digital, pencil, ink, and watercolor artwork. My (also rennfaire inspired) craft list however began with sewing, crochet, cross-stitch, and small handicrafts. Since then I've expanded to include macramé, knitting, leatherwork, scale mail, and likely other small hobbies I've already half forgotten. Moving forward, I'm aspiring to remaster cross-stitch as well as to tackle wheel-thrown pottery and stained glass! Creative outlets should be collected and celebrated at every opportunity, by my reasoning!

What do you make?

Generally crochet or knit pieces, with the occasional bit of artwork or leather.

Where can we find you online?

Do you ship internationally? If so, what do you require?

No - I only ship within the United States at this time.

Do you take custom requests? If so, do you require a down payment?

Yes - I do not require a down payment, as most custom requests are color selections.

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