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Frog in the Craft

Sandrine uses her art and crafting as a distraction from her chronic pain, choosing to share her products with the rest of the world!

Use the code CRAFTY23 with any purchase of £20+ to enter in a prize drawing for a free handmade product themed after A Crafty Day In's current event, with winners drawn on March 5!

Who are you?

My name is Sandrine. I am a French ex-pat who's lived in the UK for over 26 years. I started The Frog in the Craft in 2018 with a small craft stall. I sometimes need to remind myself that I have since come a long way.

I have been a regular trader at the twice weekly town market where I live in Nottinghamshire for about 18 months where I mostly sell a wide array of crafting supplies and haberdashery. I also attend other regular craft fair with my handmade items and host workshops at various locations as often as I can.

I am a multi-crafter who loves to learn new "old" skills as I love to focus on the heritage or historic crafts. I was inspired and encouraged by my granddad, at a young age, to make things by hand. I still have and use my wooden sewing box I made with him some 40 years ago.

My main crafts are the Dorset button, slow-stitching and the papercraft of quilling. I also enjoy recycling and repurposing object or materials.
In terms of items I make, I take the most joy and pride in making object which have a purpose, which are meant to be used but at the same time which are keepsakes or could be heirlooms passed down - such as needle cases, sewing kits, pincushions, buttons, etc.

What do you make?

My main handmade products are framed quilling or mixed media pictures, haberdashery items such as pincushions, needlebooks and needle cases, buttons. Bookmarks, jewellery, hair accessories.

Where can we find you online?

Do you ship internationally? If so, what do you require?

Yes - The customer should contact me if shipping to their country is not available at checkout and I will make shipping available.

Do you take custom requests? If so, do you require a down payment?

Yes - I require full payment upfront for wall art. Other creations will be based upon a payment schedule agreed upon with the customer.

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