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Liz creates cross stitch patterns, fueled by the sassiest of comments online!

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Who are you?

Hi, I’m Liz, or Luna! I create cross stitch patterns, as well as needleminders and grime guards. I have two cats, Luna (the store’s namesake) and Apollo. Many of my pieces are inspired by TikTok memes (and comments), popular media, and my significant other’s artwork, such as Baby Medusa, Baby Yeti, and Baby Cthulhu!

What do you make?

Cross stitch patterns, grime guards, and needleminders

Where can we find you online?

Do you ship internationally? If so, what do you require?

Yes - The customer will pay for shipping at checkout. I also offer digital downloads, which don't require shipping!

Do you take custom requests? If so, do you require a down payment?

No - I am not accepting custom requests at this time.

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