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Jewels & Jumprings

Nikki finds inspiration in her pets and all the bright colours around her!

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Who are you?

My name is Nikki and I am a proudly geeky Canadian! I get a lot of my inspiration from my pet birbs, my sisters pugs, and all the bright colours around me. All of my stickers, bookmarks, pins, and keychains are made using my own hand drawn digital artwork.

What do you make?

Chainmaille and wire wrapped jewelry, stickers, bookmarks, acrylic pins and keychains

Where can we find you online?

Do you ship internationally? If so, what do you require?

Yes - but I only ship to Canada, the United States, and UK at this time.

Do you take custom requests? If so, do you require a down payment?

Yes - I will create a custom listing for the request and the item(s) requested will be shipped once payment is made in full.

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