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BKlug Art

BK mainly creates beadwork, but also branches out out into other mediums, too!

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Who are you?

Hi my name is BKlug, but you may also call me BK. I am a multicreative individual. I mainly do Bead work, wire work, jewelry making and sewing. But I also create items in all sorts of other media as well.
I am a stay at home mom from Michigan, USA. Who enjoys being at home with her family. In fact they are a part of what inspires me to keep being creative.
My art tends to come from my vivid imagination. That's why I create in all different types of mediums. Some ideas work better in beads while another might work better with fabric or possibly clay or some other medium. I love to learn new ways to create as well.
I have a dogs. Reina can be found lounging around the craftroom most the time. I also have a Gecko named Thorin and a "helpful" cat assistant named Kash.

What do you make?

Beadwork is main but there are other products along with it in other types of mediums

Where can we find you online?

Do you ship internationally? If so, what do you require?

Yes - The customer will pay for international shipping at checkout.

Do you take custom requests? If so, do you require a down payment?

Yes - I require a non-refundable 20% deposit up-front to cover material costs. Further details will be decided on a per-order basis.

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