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The Team of Organizers


Team: Team Organizer

Spirit Animal: Dragon Ferret

Sarenadia runs around herding ferrets - also known as the other organizers. She conducts the logistics of our events to keep things on the rails and moving smoothly. Knowing what needs to be done, deadlines for when they need to be done, and who is working on things, Sarenadia helps to balance the volunteers’ work load and step in to assist as a backup/extra hand in any task needed. With BKLug, Sarenadia brought A Crafty Day In to fruition in the Spring of 2020, and as a team of volunteers now quadrupled the size - things just keep getting better!



Team: Communications

Patronus: WolfGeorg

SomethingElf prepares all the Google Forms, collects and organizes the data, schedules the streamers, and is often the “voice” behind A Crafty Day In’s email communications. With her experience in Human Resources and Information Systems, she is well prepared, and enjoys the spreadsheets required to collate vendor data into easily digestible sources for the rest of the team.



Team: Communications

Patronus: Squirrel

Liz is the squirrel pushing the “Publish” button on all our social media posts. We keep her well-caffeinated at all times (for your safety) and recently we upgraded her space with a hamster wheel!



Team: Website

Patronus: Budgie

Dawn manages the website and keeps all the small details consistent across the platform. She’s always quick to respond to questions, concerns, or comments in the official Discord server. After each event, she’s responsible for updating the statistics on the bottom of the About ACDI page.


Logo (1).png

Team: Organizer

Patronus: Rainbow Phoenix

BK helps with any extra tasks that need a spare set of eyes, such as social media posts or feedback from the community. She’s an amazing sounding board for all of the other organizers and helpers alike, and her website played host to the very first iteration of A Crafty Day In!



Team: Graphic Design

Patronus: Caribou Cakes

Fatale29x has been a Twitch community friend for many streamers and with years of graphics experience, she’s a go-to for emotes, logos, professional company brand images, and delicious cakes!! We are very thankful for the time she donated to our logo overhaul and cannot recommend her talents enough! Check her out on Instagram and Facebook to see more of her work!

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